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Terapias: Servicios

Accessories for your life

A holistic approach to your health  mental, emotional and physical.

Cadena de ADN
Image by Jonathan Borba
El tratamiento de Reiki
medicina natural

Flower Essences

Prepare the field with nature

Nature gives us healing elements that we can use to prepare the healing field, support processes and accelerate them. Bach Flowers help in this process.

Energy Therapies

We are energy

There are ancient techniques of energy sanction that help put energy in motion, and thus release stagnant emotions that can lead to disease. Among them are Reiki and Reconnective Sanction that I use in addition to the previous therapies.

Family Constellations

Free yourself from generational patterns and recognize your inherited gifts

If you have ever felt blocked, or if there are painful repetitions in your family history, it is possible to heal and break invisible loyalties to make your own life.

Family constellations work with the quantum field, to reestablish the three orders of love:

  • The Belonging

  • The hierarchy

  • The equilibrium


Discover your essence and the path to happiness

The enneagram is an explanatory model of the human psyche, based on  nine different personalities  that are interconnected with each other.
Knowing your personality type, and the way you relate is the way to happiness and balance in your personal life.

Discovering the personality types of the people who work in your company will help you create efficient and effective work groups.


Listen to your body and heal

Diseases and conditions generally have an emotional origin, many times an unexpressed emotion can later lead to a physical condition. Biodecoding allows us to find the emotion related to the symptom and through different approaches reach the moment when it begins in order to heal painful memories and, in many cases, physical conditions. It is a complement to medical therapies since it helps emotional and spiritual work.


Discover the power of your mind

Hypnosis is a state of concentration through which it is possible to access the subconscious mind where our operating programs have been installed. Frequently we install beliefs or patterns of behavior that are useful at some point in life, but later become obsolete and prevent tranquility and peace.
Beliefs and behavior patterns that are installed at an early age or by traumatic events can be modified through hypnosis. Accessing these experiences programs allows us to reframe and reformulate them in order to facilitate life and its processes.

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