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Examples of how the symptom works

Biodecoding is listening to the symptom, where the disease is seen as a second chance to listen to the body and heal. Starting from the premise that the disease is a physical manifestation of an unexpressed emotion at a time when a bioshock is experienced.

Biodescodificacion: Proyectos

It is not what you live, it is how you live it.

  • The same event can trigger a different symptom in each person.

  • It is how the event is lived that occupies Biodecoding, and not the event itself. 

A tiger attacks you! Or you feel attacked by a 🐅 (something like corporate ...) since the unconscious does not understand between the real and the symbolic.

It depends on how the event is experienced, the way it manifests in your body (if it manifests itself):

1. If you live it with fear of dying and you feel that you are going to lack air, you cannot catch the piece of life then it is probably the alveoli that are affected.

2. If, on the contrary, you feel that your head (brain) is in danger, real or intellectual, it is possible that you develop a pathology in the meninges ...

3. If the event is lived with powerlessness to fight, it is probably the muscles.

4. If instead you live with. The inability to communicate a situation of panic or terror then the larynx. 

These are some possible examples and not the only probable ones. 

The body expresses what we keep silent.

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