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Uses of hypnosis

Hipnosis: Proyectos

¿Cómo me puede ayudar la hipnoterapia?

  1. Liberándote de miedos y de fobias

  2. Ayudándote a sanar viejas heridas que te impiden avanzar

  3. Alivia y maneja el dolor y cambios temperamentales asociados al embarazo y al parto

  4. Re-estructurando ciertos patrones de comportamiento

  5. Ayuda a obtener un mejor manejo de adicciones como el tabaquismo

  6. Puede contribuir a los procesos de pérdida de peso

  7. Mejor la concentración y la memoria

  8. Favorece el sueño y el descanso

  9. Brinda relajación liberando el estrés

  10. Ofrece nuevas perspectivas alternativas y herramientas para la auto-motivación


  • Cuando los miedos/fobias se fundamentan en alguna vivencia, a través de la hipnosis es posible  desarticular la base del temor o la fobia y superarlo.

  • La hipnosis resulta también beneficiosa cuando no se encuentra una causa aparente al temor o a la fobia. A través de la hipnoterapia se puede abordar el síntoma y desarticularlo mediante una desensibilización hipnótica.

Image by Alexandra Gorn

Go back to the past to heal

  • State of deep relaxation in order to bring memories of this or other lives.

  • Modify or heal patterns  behavior, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs  happiness, health or well-being.

  • During the regression the moment is reached when they have been installed

  • Using  various therapeutic techniques to heal the moment and find a viable solution for your present life.


Behavior patterns

Stop acting on automatic

  • Between the period of intrauterine life and the age of seven, the brain is in a state of total openness, so the programs that direct life are probably installed at this early age.

  • Healthy beliefs regarding money, relationships, work relationships, self-love

  • It transcends. This can be corrected by reprogramming or regression.

Image by Andres Siimon
Preocupación por el cuerpo

Smoking and Addictions

Free yourself and regain control

  • Accessing the subconscious to free it from addictions such as smoking, sugar, gambling, the screen is a mechanism that proves to be successful in most cases, restoring freedom to the individual.

Weight loss

Love your body

  • When there is no apparent reason for weight gain, hypnosis can unmask its origin to carry out a healing process.

  • In case of not wanting it, there are other ways in which the consultant can lose weight with hypnosis through the suggestion in the change of eating habits, acceleration of the metabolism and change of lifestyle.


Memory and Concentration

Remember everything you need

  • It is possible to potentiate memory and concentration capacity through hypnosis.

  • If you have trouble studying or learning.

  • Languages, end-of-course exams or assessments.

Sleep and rest

Renew yourself

  • If you suffer from insomnia or do not rest when sleeping, hypnosis therapy can not only reveal the causes for this, but also help improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

  • Improve your sleep

  • Beat insomnia

Dando un discurso


just relax

  • Today, work-related stress is an issue that increasingly worries both companies and health systems.

  • Through hypnosis, tools are provided to the subconscious at the program level to release and manage stress, more importantly to avoid its accumulation.


You can be what you want to be

  • If you feel unmotivated, you need to speak in public and motivate a group of people, or you are simply looking for a life path, there are certain processes that can be worked through hypnosis to take life with joy and motivation.

HIPNOBIRTHING: Embarazo y parto

  • La Hipnosis ha demostrado ser una herramienta efectiva para el manejo de náuseas, temperamento, y estrés relacionados con el embarazo. Así mismo en procesos como el del parto la hipnosis es efectiva para el manejo y control del dolor.

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