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Frequent questions

The answers to your questions

Preguntas frecuentes: Preguntas frecuentes

What should I expect from my first session?

The first session will usually last two hours. In this session, the client's objective is discovered to start the personal work journey. 
Many times it is possible to work on a hypnosis protocol, biodecoding in the session or any other technique.

Do you help patients with chronic or terminal illnesses?

The therapies offered are complementary, and can support a process of return to health.

How should I prepare for my session?

It is recommended to give notice if you are undergoing psychiatric therapy, taking inhibitory medications or if there is any recurring fear. 
For the session please do not appear in altered states of consciousness, having consumed alcohol, psychotropic substances or others.

Does hypnosis pose any danger to my mental and emotional health?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe, there are no registered cases where there has been psychological damage or  physical to a client, the only risk is falling asleep during the session.

Does this replace a psychological or psychiatric consultation?

No. The therapies offered are complementary. If the person feels they need a  accompaniment  psychological should look for it.

How many sessions are necessary and  How often should I take a session?

It works by objective and people are seen every 15 - 20 days, the average number of sessions required is 4, although it can be 1 or 10 at most. If there is no progress in the fourth session, the treatment is suspended.

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