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I'm Monica Naranjo

Internationally accredited in various disciplines of work of the subconscious mind, today I am dedicated to accompanying others in their personal healing process  and inner encounter.

I provide the pertinent and necessary tools of complementary therapies from a focus of Transpersonal Psychology , seeking transformative changes from the subconscious mind making use of Hypnosis , Biodecoding , Family Constellations, Brief Therapy  and the Bach flowers among others.

Each person is a world to discover and the diversity of tools makes it possible to adapt to individual needs .


Free your mind and


Complementary therapies for the mind, soul and body.

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Your inner journey starts here

Therapeutic experiences

Discover the benefits you can obtain after a session or workshop:

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Free yourself from repetitive and painful patterns

  • Free yourself from unseen locks and family loyalties.

  • Recognize the gifts of your ancestors and their pains.

  • Heal yourself and heal generations to come.

  • Regain the ability to create your own life by freeing yourself from unconscious repetitions.

  • Know the inheritances of your soul and the patterns of other lives.

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Change your point of view and change your life

  • Acknowledge your limiting beliefs and transform them .

  • Discover the potential of your mind.

  • Learn what it really is to speak positively.

  • Train your mind to achieve what you want.  

  • Discover how to transform your fears into your impulse

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In a healthy mind, healthy body

  • Discover the emotional origin of your illness.

  • Learn to connect with the needs of your body.

  • Release blocked emotions in moments of trauma.

  • Get back to balance .

Deportes acuáticos

Transcend your fears and phobias

  • Take back control of your life

  • Feel the freedom to live without fear.

  • Cross the limits of your mind.

  • Recognize patterns inherited or brought from after lifetimes.

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Discover the potential of your mind

  • Discover your unlimited ability to learn new things .

  • Learn to manage pain (in childbirth or chronic pain under diagnosis).

  • Free yourself from addictions  

  • It transcends the limits of time and space.

Cosmetic Oils

Connect with the power of the natural elements

  • Connect with your inner power .

  • Prepare your emotional field with flower essences.

  • Recognize the healing power of your mind and the energy of your body .

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Healing Trips (Workshops)

Discover and connect with  your essence

  • Group experience with individual approach.

  • Experiences from two hours to 21 days, face-to-face  and online in the comfort of your  home.

  • Designed to change your life, your mind and your point of view.

  • As effective as the individual session for the topics studied.


Individual sessions

I work one to one

  • This is a one-to-one session, face-to-face or online.

  • You work to achieve a specific goal.

  • Under the modality of brief therapy in a duration of 1 - 10 sessions.  

  • They are not psychology sessions.

  • The individual sessions last between one and two hours .

  • Find the therapeutic modality that suits your needs .

  • Custom sessions


What has been your experience in Mónica Naranjo's workshops or consultations?

I have conducted workshops and consultations with Monica, the workshops are very interesting, practical, the themes are attractive, they are very good

What would you tell a friend about your experience?

Well, I have already recommended Monica to friends and family with excellent results.

Nydia aguirre


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